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Why MariShea Came To Life.

On a mission to simplify haircare and skincare for people of color, MariShea started out in 2018 with a set of 100% natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. Our products help with problems like shrinkage, dryness, and breakage, which our community has struggled with for way too long.

You Can’t Spell Shea Without She.

Even though MariShea was born in 2018, Marissa, the founder, has been researching, trying and testing, and studying natural self-care alternatives since 2009. The inspiration came from her and her family’s struggle to find chemical-free, organic haircare, and organic skincare solutions, and now, she’s helping thousands of people all across the world take better care of their bodies.

At MariShea, You Matter.

What started as a project to help Marissa’s family has maintained the same mission, only with a much bigger family, which you’re now a part of. We value our community, the way our products change their lives, and always strive to bring better, more effective formulas to help you glow and thrive.

Marishea's Origins

Founded in 2018, Marishea's mission is to provide quality skin and hair care to its customers through natural products.

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Hair Strengthening Butter

Promotes hair growth and shine

$28.00 (8 oz.)

Marissa spent years researching and applying her knowledge to craft her product.

Both her and her family member’s skin and hair became so noticeably healthy, that she began to catch the attention of her local community. 

Answering the call, she realized that she had birthed products to share with the world. For 10 years Marishea has placed its values on promoting health and beauty. Natural ingredients are carefully chosen to nurture and protect the skin, and encourage hair growth and manageability.

Natural hair for black women can be a struggle.

Often, we are looking for ways to stop thinning, dryness, tangles, and breakage. Oh yeah, we cannot forget SHRINKAGE. Well guess what, there is a solution to these problems.


Marishea LLC is a family-owned company that is devoted to creating natural products that are designed to provide quality skin and hair care to its customers.

The journey began back in 2009 when the going natural trend was on the rise. 

Marissa, the founder of the company wanted to seriously commit to having beautiful chemical free hair. Unfortunately, she struggled to find products that worked well on her type 4 hair. She was also tired of her skin breaking out in reaction to commercial products.  One day while looking through her beauty products, she realized that she had become a PRODUCT JUNKIE. Tired of the struggle, she began research on making her very own natural beauty products.

We trust that our products will make a difference for you! From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for becoming a part of our growing family!
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